Big Brother's Caroline sparks race row

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  • 29 June 2012
Caroline Wharram

Caroline Wharram

Caroline Wharram has sparked a race row in the 'Big Brother' house after referring to Dudley-born housemate Adam Kelly as a "gorilla"

Caroline Wharram has sparked a race row in the 'Big Brother' house.

The 20-year-old blonde referred to Dudley-born housemate Adam Kelly as a "gorilla" after she accused him of spinning her too fast on a roundabout during a task, and she was later summoned to the Diary Room, given a formal warning by Big Brother and told to "mind her language".

She said: "He's just a ridiculous gorilla - bowl haircut, no sanitation. He's just disgusting."

The ex-boarding school student was told her remarks were "unacceptable" and "potentially offensive", and she immediately apologised profusely to Big Brother and later to the former Los Angeles gang member.

Speaking in the Diary Room, she said: "I really didn't mean it at all. I just didn't think. That was really horrible. I'm really sorry."

But Caroline's offensive remarks were slammed by fans of the Channel 5 show on twitter, with some saying she should be immediately evicted for her comments.

In 2007, fashion designer Emily Parr, 24, was kicked out of the Big Brother house for using a racist term towards a housemate when the show aired on Channel 4.

However, earlier in 2007, Jade Goody, Jo O'Meara, Jack Tweed and Danielle Lloyd managed to escape any official punishment for what was considered bullying with racial undertones towards fellow housemate and Indian film star Shilpa Shetty during a series of 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

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