BBC and ITV axe magic shows

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  • 28 June 2012
Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross

BBC have axed 'The Magicians' while ITV's magic show, the Jonathan Ross fronted 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' won't return either

BBC and ITV have dropped their magic shows.

The Jonathan Ross fronted 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' for ITV and BBC's 'The Magicians' won't return to screens but Channel 4 are planning their own magic programme called 'The Lab'.

According to sources, the public have lost interest in magic shows leading to ITV and BBC pulling the plug.

The source told The Sun newspaper: "After a long period away from TV, magic shows became the hot thing last year but this didn't last long on the BBC and ITV."

However Channel 4 are still going ahead with 'The Lab', which has been described as "a magic-based entertainment show featuring awe inspiring tricks and high impact stunts".

The source added: "But Channel 4 still has faith in the genre and hopes the lab will be a big success."

The BBC are thought to have ditched 'The Magicians' because ratings dropped after original host Lenny Henry left.

The presenter had to pull out because it clashed with his starring role in William Shakespeare's play 'Comedy Of Errors' in London and he was replaced by unknown Darren McMullen.

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