Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Wed 25-Sat 27 Oct


There aren't many octogenarians who can do the splits, leap high in the air or charge around at speed for thirty minutes flat. But then Rambert isn't your average 80-year-old. The London-based dance company started life in 1926, when Marie Rambert brought together a group of performers to stage Sir Frederick Ashton's A Tragedy of Fashion. Today, it is the largest modern dance company in Britain, committed to touring extensively and encouraging new works. It's also home to some of the finest dancers in the world, and Rambert's 80th anniversary programme will certainly put that to the test.

Bloom is a joyful new work by Aletta Collins, set to lively gypsy music. Bubbling over with romance, the piece has been going down a storm with audiences during the early part of Rambert's UK tour, especially with those new to dance. Merce Cunningham's beautiful but technically challenging Pond Way is the meat in the sandwich. Set to music by Brian Eno, the set comes courtesy of American pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein.

Mark Baldwin's physics-inspired Constant Speed makes a welcome return, closing the evening with fast-paced dodging and weaving. A sure sign that the old folks' home will have to wait a little longer for Rambert's arrival.

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