David Witts was nervous about EastEnders kiss

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  • 28 June 2012
David Witts as Joey Branning

David Witts as Joey Branning

'EastEnders' David Witts has revealed he was so anxious about kissing co-star Hetti Bywater in one of his first scenes that he ate a packet of extra strong mints first

'EastEnders' newcomer David Witts was so nervous about kissing co-star Hetti Bywater he ate a packet of extra strong mints first.

David's character Joey Branning enjoyed a snog with Lucy Beale (Hetti) after saving her from his threatening father Derek and although he really enjoys working with the 17-year-old actress, David admitted the on screen clinch left him panicked.

He explained to The Sun newspaper: "Everyone says you must love the kissing scenes but it is hard work. It's just part and parcel of the job and you'd be a bit of a twit if you got a cheap thrill out of it.

"I will admit I keep Trebor Extra Strong mints on me just in case. I always have mints before a kissing scene, it's only polite, you don't want people saying bad things about you.

"Hetti is great. She's a very talented actress. She's only 17 but she's acting well beyond her years. It's been a real pleasure, she is great to work with."

Along with kissing Lucy, Joey also punched his father Derek (Terence Beesley) upon arrival in Albert Square and David had reservations about filming the scene.

He said: "I was absolutely bricking it when I came to my first scene. Luckily I didn't actually hit him. But I really went for it. With scenes like that you've got to be 'in' the scene because if you're not it's going to look a bit fake."

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