Nick Hewer to star in The Farm Fixer

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  • 27 June 2012
Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer has landed a new TV show BBC Two show, The Farm Fixer, which will see him help struggling farmers

Nick Hewer has landed a new TV show.

The 'Apprentice' and 'Countdown' star will assist struggling farmers in new BBC Two series 'The Farm Fixer', where he will aim to help them boost their businesses in tough economic times.

He said: "The small family farm is the backbone of the UK countryside. I wanted to use everything I had learnt, over the past 40 years of business, to help them come through this difficult time."

Nick will work with five different farming families where he will help them develop new products, create brands and find customers.

His business ideas include harvesting seaweed, brewing beer, producing flavoured pet water and entertaining cruise ship groups.

The show will kick off in Northern Ireland and Nick insists on sticking to the business mantra "Doing nothing is not an option" even though he faces stiff resistance from a number of the farmers.

Nick has previously joked he is considering Botox because he can't control his expressive eyebrows on 'The Apprentice'.

He said: "The thing is I often really don't know when there's a camera in my face because they're so careful and invisible. They're not intentional but after seeing the footage I am considering Botox."

'The Farm Fixer' starts on July 9 on BBC Two.

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