Visiting the UK with the help of some local recommendations

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  • 26 June 2012
Visiting the UK with the help of some local recommendations

Live like a local in British cities, including London, Glasgow and Edinburgh

The United Kingdom, soaked in history and heritage, welcomes millions of visitors to its shores every year - and every year they flock like lemmings to the same destinations again and again. That is not to detract from our world-famous symbolic heritage sites, as they have every right that title. However, to a citizen of the UK, they can appear somewhat, well – and in my best disgruntled teenager voice …'meh'.

The UK, and London specifically, are expecting a mass of sports fans this summer, and with these extra tourists it will be difficult to escape the crowds. But, if you are in the capital and want something outside the norm, avoid Oxford Street and the go-to shopping spots and explore the markets such as Portobello, Camden and even Spitalfields. All of these also offer much more than just shopping and are worthy of a visit under any circumstances. The hustle and bustle may also discourage you away from staying at the standard hotels, in which case, perhaps finding a unique apartment away from the crowds could be the perfect addition to your stay.

If you choose to visit places throughout the rest of the UK, there is always something exciting hiding behind the tourist guides. In Edinburgh, Nicol Edwards, a traditional pub hosting comedy during the festivals, is a local favourite. The list of cultural gems that can be found in the cities grows every year. It's often worth listening to the locals when it comes to relaxing and finding some good restaurants and bars. Glasgow is home to some great delights such as the Black Sheep Bistro, one of the best restaurants Scotland has to offer, and a real hidden gem.

Visiting local sites all over the world is a great way to see and really experience a place. Whether you choose to follow advice from a local or just ‘wing it’, you'll always end up finding something you didn’t expect. Whether it's your cosy little B and B or your new favourite restaurant, it will definitely make your stay a more memorable one.