Big Brother's Arron confesses to crush on Sara McLean

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 June 2012
Sara McLean

Sara McLean

'Big Brother's Arron Lowe confessed to housemate Sara McLean that he finds her "really f*****g attractive"

'Big Brother's Arron Lowe finds housemate Sara McLean "really f*****g attractive".

The model confessed to his fellow contestant that he has developed a crush on her in the house but admitted he is worried about looking "like a tit" on TV if he pursues her.

He told her: [The other housemates] have been asking me loads of questions, especially Ashleigh. Loads of strange s**t. 'You two have got a lot in common blah, blah, blah', 'Do you like Sara?'

"And I said, of course I do. She's really f***ing attractive. What's not to like about her?'

"I normally get dead awkward and uncomfortable about it, but it's different in here. On the outside, I'd probably try to say something dead cheesy to you. I'd probably try and make you laugh a lot.

"If it's on the outside, we'd suffer from the awkwardness and we'd have a laugh and a giggle. On national TV, it's a different story. Do you know what I'm saying? Whatever I say, everyone else sees it on telly, so I make myself look like a tit."

However, it doesn't appear as if Sara reciprocates his feelings, later telling Ashleigh Hughes on the Channel 5 show that Arron's a "really nice guy" but she found him "annoying" for the first two weeks of the show.

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