Chris Evans says Supper is better than The Voice

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  • 25 June 2012
Chris Evans

Chris Evans

Chris Evans thinks his new show 'Sing For Your Supper' is "10 times the fun" of 'The Voice'

Chris Evans thinks his new show is much better than 'The Voice'.

The 46-year-old presenter believes the BBC should have saved cash and bought the rights to his new Channel 5 programme 'Sing For Your Supper', instead of splashing out on the talent contest.

He said: "This could sell around the world, it's a bit anti-'X Factor'.

"The BBC should have bought this one instead of 'The Voice'. It's less than half the price and 10 times the fun."

The show sees seven members of the studio audience performing to win a restaurant meal, while the worst act wins a bag of fish and chips and Chris thinks it makes perfect "family viewing".

He said: "No one is going to go home disappointed. Even if you mess up, you get to be on the telly and you have a slap-up meal, or a bag of fish and chips, over which to laugh about it.

"'Sing for your Supper' has been demanded by the entertainment gods, for the sake of our nation and for the sake of our family viewing. No one gets hurt, no one feels dirty or less of a person after watching it."

The 'One Show' host hopes the programme can "push the boundaries" and herald a change away from 'X Factor'-style serious contests.

He added: "It was important that I take it to the channel that needs what I am offering, which agrees it is time to push boundaries and change the air, to draw a new line in the showbiz sand."

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