Cher Lloyd is no role model

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  • 24 June 2012
Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd doesn't want to be a role model as she wants young girls to just be comfortable with who they are

Cher Lloyd doesn't want to be a role model.

The 'Swagger Jagger' singer - who is famed for her outspoken views - says she has no desire for young girls to be influenced by her but does want to show them it's okay to just be themselves.

She said: "I don't plan to be a role model. I'm not like, 'Yeah, I can change this, you should be like me.' But it's good to think that some girls do look up to me, and hopefully for the right reasons. The one thing I want to make clear to anyone who does look up to me is that they should be whoever they want to be and not worry what other people are doing. Just do what you want to do."

Cher, 19, also said she doesn't like it people don't stay true to themselves and try to dress like others.

She told TOTP magazine: "Nowadays I think vanity is the craziest thing ever. Everyone's struggling to look like somebody else, but why? It's tough but you should try and be happy with who you are."

Cher Lloyd

Shiny pop, rap and electro from the X Factor pipsqueak.

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