Family activity Treasure Trails helps you rediscover your city

Family activity Treasure Trails helps you rediscover your city

Follow the clues to solve the mystery in your town

Think you know the city you live in? Me too. Or rather I did, until question four on the New Town Murder Mystery Treasure Trail totally stymied me. Happily, the organisers of these fun, accessible and varied trails know what it’s like to find yourself frustrated on a Saturday afternoon, unable to find the answer and convinced the clue itself is wrong.

A quick automated text and I, and my equally frustrated young charges, were back on the case, tracking down the dastardly villain who threatened to cause mayhem in Edinburgh’s New Town.

It’s details such as this that make these award-winning trails so enjoyable. With over 1000 trails covering most of Britain, and over 150 in Scotland, the Treasure Trails company have come up with an alternative way to explore either your home town or a holiday destination. No map is required, just the ability to follow the directions, read the clues and find the answers (knowing that if you’re really stuck, a wee text will put you right).

Building up a bank of letters as you go (for example the surname of a literary figure who lived in a house en-route), you solve the clues to find the solution – taking in the city as you go. There are three trails to choose from, Murder Mystery, Spy Trail and Treasure Hunt, covering areas such as Edinburgh New Town, Edinburgh Royal Mile, Glasgow City and Glasgow West End.

Each trail takes on average 90 minutes to two hours to complete, but there’s nothing to stop you sloping off for essential coffee and cake breaks, and turning it into a full day out. Buy online or download the app from for £5.99, and watch the whole family turn into super sleuths.

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