Zoe Lyons discusses her comedy heroes, Sam Kinison and Steven Wright

Zoe Lyons discusses her comedy heroes, Sam Kinison and Steven Wright

Perrier-nominated British comedienne says who makes her laugh in run-up to UK-wide tour

One of my comedy heroes is the late Sam Kinison based on his first appearance on Saturday Night Live in the mid 80s. It was a clip I discovered a few years ago and I was in awe. He had been on the circuit for a while before he got a television break and when that break came he played a blinder. He was big, bold, literally in-your-face and in my opinion very, very funny. I totally understand that his primal scream approach isn’t for everyone but I just love the fact that on prime-time TV this balding, weirdly-dressed ex-preacher absolutely refused to play it safe. Sad to think if he were alive today he probably wouldn’t get a TV gig because of people with clip boards worrying about ‘image issues’.

I have recently been listening again to the fabulously surreal deadpan comic Steven Wright; I have always loved his work. He is so original not only in his delivery but also his material. When you are listening to him you feel you are getting the real deal. He is 100% Steven Wright; he isn’t trying to be anyone else. The stage persona and the jokes are beautifully combined. I love clever one-liners, sometimes it is refreshing to immerse yourself in unapologetic jokes. The other thing I love about Wright is that he walks out on stage and just starts, straight in. The start of a show can be a bit strange as a performer but watching Wright, I have learned that you just start, no mystery.

The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 21–Sat 23 Jun.

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