Five reads to tickle your funnybone

Five reads to tickle your funnybone

Humour books round-up featuring Justin Halpern, Gareth May and Michelle Witte

I Suck at Girls

From the guy who gave us the international bestseller, Shit My Dad Says, comes another painful memoir of sorts. Justin Halpern dips into his contemptuously bad love life to recall his tortured teenage relationships. It’s David Sedaris meets The Wonder Years if you can imagine such a thing. Boxtree.

Man of the World

Gareth May’s follow-up to 150 Things Every Man Should Know revolves around travel tips for the adventurous chap abroad. So, should you be getting married by an Elvis lookalike in Vegas or climbing Kilimanjaro or even looking to sample snake blood in Cambodia, this is your essential manual. Square Peg.

The Craptastic Guide to Pseudo-Swearing

Why drop an F or C-bomb in less-than polite conversation when you can say ‘fudge’,’ sugar’ or ‘swan in a ditch’ instead? Michelle Witte provides us with a dictionary of terms broken down into categories such as ‘sexy talk’ and ‘safe for church’. Running Press.

365 Reasons to Look on the Bright Side

Subtitled ‘Because Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining’, Richard Happer’s book is a textbook of positivity by exploring how the mother of Alexander Graham Bell helped make her son’s name thanks to her deafness, asking which Pope blessed coffee and realising that the bubonic plague had one very strong upside. Portico.

Triggs: The Autobiography of Roy Keane’s Dog

Great, another book told from an animal’s perspective. This paperback edition features the faithful Labrador retriever and its relationship with a master who just so happened to be one of the most controversial footballers who ever stomped around a pitch. Orion.

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