Edinburgh club The Third Door launches Summer of Love

Edinburgh club The Third Door launches Summer of Love

Souloco, Karnival and Gasoline Dance Machine relaunch with free events

Edinburgh’s Third Door is having a bit of a relaunch this month and we catch up with three of the clubs involved – Souloco, Karnival and Gasoline Dance Machine – who are all putting on free nights billed as the Summer of Love.

What type of music do you play?

Kirk Douglas (Souloco): There is no set genre but we keep things deep house and more underground.

Kev Hendry (Karnival): The deepest of house to the funkiest of techno and everything in-between.

Cheap Picasio (Gasoline Dance Machine): Pretty much anything goes, if we think it sounds good, we play it. But if we are to mention some genre’s then it would be Italo, electronic boogie, house, disco, techno, synths and more synths, all in that order too!

Looking forward to making the Third Door your new home?

CP: One lady ultimately sold the idea to us, [new manager] Sarah David. She gave us the opportunity to start Gasoline Dance Machine so we owe it all to her for giving us the chance. Everyone knows Sarah as the queen of clubs in Scotland, so we know that this place will definitely blow everyone away.

KD: Since we started Souloco two years ago, we always wanted a monthly Saturday. Also we’re 100% behind Sarah after the opportunities she has already gave us at Cab Vol, we can’t wait to see what she is gonna do with the Third Door.

KH: We always loved the space and it was the made easy for us as Sarah had taken over running the venue plus the fact a lot of other nights we respect had also decided to make the move so we’re sure the venue will very much be the central hub of underground clubbing in Edinburgh.

What have you got planned for your Summer of Love date?

KD: You can expect the usual high party standard from the residents and also we have Mark Wilson over from fife, his sound really hits the bill with Souloco and were looking forward to having him on board.

KH: Free entry, full resident showcase plus a double-up as the Bad Apple BBQ afterparty.

CP: Apart from a full on dance/prance mince around from us? We have an exceptional music policy where anything goes, expect the unexpected. Also, expect a cool lighting rig, sort of like an 80s time warp with futuristic disco and synth vibes.

The Third Door, Edinburgh, Sat 23, Sat 30 Jun & Sat 7 Jul.

Gasoline Dance Machine

A night of mixed genres and mutant disco at this night from Cheap Picasso and Rob Ralston.


After finding themselves homeless when Cab Vol changed hands, Karnival now find a new permanent residence at at the Third Door but promise: 'new home same ethos – all that's good in the world of house and techno'. Part of the Summer of Love.

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