Boom Monk Ben discusses the final Mixed Bizness

Boom Monk Ben discusses the final Mixed Bizness

The pioneering Glasgow club night is taking a final bow on Fri 29 Jun 2012

For nearly nine years, Boom Monk Ben has been leading a party which has blazed its own trail through Glasgow’s club scene. But now it’s all coming to an end. With offshoot club How’s Your Party? (HYP?) going out last month with a special Night Slugs party, this month’s edition of Mixed Bizness will be the last ever.

‘It’s been the dominant part of my life for a long time now,’ says Ben Coghill, the Boom Monk’s civvy alter ego, ‘but the time has come to end it. Mixed Bizness has reached its natural conclusion and I want to go out on a high.’ Strangely for a promoter putting his baby to bed, though, he doesn’t seem able to expand on precisely why he took the decision. ‘I get the sense it’s resolved itself of its own momentum, and essentially I just want a change in life. I have this innate feeling the end has come – so let’s end it.’

Initiated through Subcity Radio as a one-off party in 2004 playing house music at the old Art School, Mixed Bizness grew into a monthly night before winding down for a brief leave of absence during which HYP? emerged at the Sub Club. When the Art School asked Coghill to return and take over their Thursday night slot in 2008, however, was when the club really kicked into high gear. For nearly four years he presided over an eclectic party which was both a great student midweeker and one of the most cutting edge homes of new national talent in the city and one which would also host dates in London, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen.

The closure of the Art School last year was a blow, Coghill admits, but since then both Mixed Bizness and HYP? have continued to provide strong guest line-ups on a regular basis around the city. ‘We’ve had so many great guests over the years,’ he says, ‘but for me the highlights have been the nights which involved all the family [of local DJs he would play with; he also names Shaun Murphy of Vitamins as an essential friend of the club]. The first and last nights at the Art School were the best for me, the nights that showed what Mixed Bizness was really all about, and also Benga at Fresher’s Week two years ago. It was easily the wildest I’ve ever seen a nightclub go.’

One of the elements of both his clubs Coghill is most proud of is the fact that neither would allow itself to be pigeonholed by genre – they presented guests from across the spectrum of hip hop, house, dubstep and dancehall, with artists appearing including Magnetic Man, Fake Blood, Ms Dynamite, Caspa, The 2 Bears and Ben UFO. ‘That was the point,’ he laughs, ‘or the lack of a point, depending on how you look at it. As a clubber I’m happy listening to all sorts of music as long as the DJ, the soundsystem and the venue are good. That’s what I wanted to bring to our events.’

So now, one final fling in the company of Brighton’s Tru Thoughts signee Hint and Scots friends of MB Profisee and S-Type aside, it’s over. What does the future hold? ‘I’m interested to find out,’ says Coghill. ‘I’m going to enjoy my weekends, spend time with my wife and friends and go to all the nights that I’ve missed over the years.’

The final Mixed Bizness is at Chambre 69, Glasgow, Fri 29 Jun.

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