Crate Digging: Vitamins

Crate Digging: Vitamins

Shaun Murphy and Sam Murray of the Glasgow party-shakers Vitamins share their soft-spot for old two-step and "ridiculously infectious keyboard riffs"

For two years, Shaun Murphy and Sam Murray have hosted parties around Glasgow as Vitamins, and with this year’s Waverley Riverboat Shuffle they share a bill with Optimo and Melting Pot. Here they give us a tour round some of the sounds that have helped shape the club

Shaun Murphy:

Houz’ Mon ‘Deep 2’ (Dance Mania) is a raw ghetto-house roller, a wee shoulder-popper and a joy to mix with despite the rough production values. I first heard Brandy & Monica ‘Boy Is Mine' (Y2K remix) (White Label) on Radio 1 during Daft Punk’s 1999 Essential Selection mixed into their remix of Gabrielle’s ‘Forget About the World’, one of the best mixtape switch-ups of all time. We’ve both got a massive soft spot for old two-step and this has the perfect UK garage beat pop vocal combo. Maybe skip the rapping though.

I put on a strictly ghetto-tech night recently and DJ Rashad's ‘Lick On The Dick’ (Juke Trax Online) caused a bigger riot than any of the classic ‘roof is on fire’, ‘shake that ass’ anthems. Basically a crude chantable vocal chopped up with a big distorted bass drum and rapid hi-hats never goes wrong in a club.

Sam Murray:

Desert Boots'Nothin' Better’ (Desert Boots Records) has to be one of my favourite UK garage tracks ever, the vocal drops along with this ridiculously infectious keyboard riff. Blake Baxter's ‘The H-Factor’ (Disko B) is a pretty incredible ten-track techno EP, and it’s the title track I usually end up playing. It’s roof pounding nonsense, absolute destruction.

I’m a big sucker for funk from the late 70s and 80s. My favourite era has to be 85-86,when the sound had moved away from its disco roots and taken on its own personality: over-produced, crunchy synth sounds and big, whiney vocals. One song I always go back to is Marcia ‘If You Want My Lovin’ (Tawn & Tinique). She has such an incredible voice, complemented perfectly on this record by claps, cowbell a squelchy bass riff.

Vitamins play the Waverley Riverboat Shuffle with Optimo and Melting Pot, leaving from Glasgow Science Centre, Fri 22 Jun.

Watch Marcia's 'If You Want My Lovin'

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