Big Brother Adam proposes to housemate

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  • 22 June 2012
Adam Kelly

Adam Kelly

Adam left the rest of the 'Big Brother' house bemused after proposing marriage to fellow contestant Sievonne Robinson

Adam Kelly has proposed to 'Big Brother' housemate Shievonne Robinson.

The former gang member got down on one knee in front of the bemused beauty, much to the shock of the rest of the house, while the group were gathered for Lydia Louise's birthday party.

He told her: "You're not only my world, you're my girl. You complete me, you make me whole. I wanna see you in that dress and I wanna be down that aisle together. And I want you to bear my first child.

"Relax baby, relax. You know, will you marry me?"

The question was followed by a confused silence, which was broken by shouts of "three cheers for Lydia".

The house attempted to move on from the bizarre declaration, but Adam later told Shievonne: "You don't have to answer now. I know you're under pressure and there's a lot of people here we don't know."

The former Playboy model later admitted she was in a "state of confusion, shock, awkwardness like cringe and sadness" and unsure whether or not the proposal was genuine.

She said: "I'm not happy with him at this moment so I can't say yes, because that's just stupid. We're gonna have to communicate. We're gonna have to do it, it's a bit awk.

"Even as a joke he knows I wanna get married and have kids. At this point do I say yes, do I say no?"

Meanwhile, Ashleigh Hughes has declared war

on Benedict Garratt after he said she brought shame on Essex and criticised her constant swearing as "not very classy".

She raged: "D**k! W***inh f***ing ****. Why don't you just f**k off out of this house? I've never hated anyone as much as I hate you."

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