Lucy Beale and Joey Branning have 'potential'

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  • 22 June 2012
Hetti Bywater

Hetti Bywater

Lucy Beale's relationship with Joey Branning has "potential", according to David Witts who plays the womanising 'EastEnders' newcomer

'EastEnders' Lucy Beale's relationship with Joey Branning has "potential".

The pretty blonde will attract the attention of newcomer Joey - played by David Witts - after his gangster dad Derek tries to terrorise her and he believes they could have a future together.

David told soaplife magazine: "Joey would always be interested in any attractive girl. He's intrigued by Lucy and of course she doesn't get on with Derek which appeals to him. And, yes, he feels protective towards her. There's potential there."

David also believes Joey has a "protective streak" which is why he takes Lucy (Hetti Bywater) under his wing but admitted he also has a dark side.

He said: "He likes to think that he's very moral but he is in fact a compulsive liar. He's also been billed as a bit of a lothario, which is interesting as that's the total opposite of me in real life.

"He's interesting because he has this paternal and protective streak but he also has a dark side."

Soap insiders previously revealed BBC bosses have big plans for the pair and hope they will rival the show's legendary couples such as Grant Mitchell and his former wife Sharon.

The source said: "Hetti is a really good actress and they have brought in David as the perfect foil."

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