'Doctor Who' to shake things up with a lesbian storyline

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  • 21 June 2012
Matt and Jenna in BBC picture

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman

'Doctor Who' is reportedly going to shake things up with a lesbian storyline when Madame Vastra falls for the Doctor's new sidekick, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman

'Doctor Who' will shake up the show with a lesbian storyline.

Madama Vastra - a lizard-like Silurian alien with a penchant for women - will reportedly fall for the Doctor's new sidekick Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, on the popular BBC One programme.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Steven Moffat loves to shake up the show. What better way than a lesbian storyline?"

Head writer and executive producer Steven was inundated with requests to bring back the likeable Madame Vastra, who first appeared in 2011.

The cheeky character, who was shown sharing a house in Victorian London with her girlfriend Jenny, helped the Time Lord rescue Amy Pond and her baby Melody and was a real hit with the sci-fi show's fans.

'Emmerdale' actress Jenna-Louise, 26, is taking over from Karen Gillan and joining Matt Smith, 29, as the Doctor's latest sexy sidekick.

Matt confessed: "Jenna brings a really different energy to the show - one which I think is very interesting."


1. The Sassy23 Jun 2012, 12:17am Report

You've got to be kidding?! Many of us on a Doctor Who Facebook page predicted this garbage way back in March! Talk about ultra-predictable! Moffy is just constantly proving what a laughable cliched writer he really is.
Only those who have never watched a Soap Opera in their entire life would be even remotely surprised by such a joke of a storyline. And besides the little boys who only think with their brain between their legs, I seriously doubt any decent audience member has been requesting the return of Madame Vastra.
The Imbeciles at the BBC babble about how Doctor Who is "Evolve" when in reality it has been steadily devolving under the gross incompetence of Steven Moffat.
River Song IS a complete sociopath who is incapable of Real Love. Everything she babbled in the last story last season was such a joke.
A Sociopathic Hero is AN OXYMORON! Anyone with an actual working brain knows that!
But Moffy constantly demonstrates that besides thinking with his brain between his legs, he also likes to write using his inner child. Problem is, His inner child is a complete Moron! lol

2. The Sassy23 Jun 2012, 12:26am Report

*is "Evolving" when in reality*

Now watch a revolting love triangle develop. even though River doesn't come across as a believable love interest to those with good taste.
Only losers like Moffat and his ilk find sociopathic pukes to be attractive or a "good wife" for the Dr.
Never mind that sick joke of a marriage is over. It ended the minute the alternate timeline ended. Anyone who knows anything about science fiction knows that. But leave it to an arrogant half-wit like Moffy to ignore the established rules of science fiction. Typical of a mediocre writer.

Last year was bad enough but now?! Moffat is not only demonstrating how low he can sink, but now it seems he is going to be allowed to pick his successor. Which means it will be someone as inept as he is.

Moffy clearly never really understood Dr Who, nor do the mindless lemmings who keep tuning in week after weak. Sadly after 15 years of watching, first the classics on tape and now the new stuff, I guess I will quit watching. What's the point?!

Whatever LIAR claimed Moffy's writing was "too complicated" most likely was a writer for the show. The stories are NOT complicated, they are cluttered and contrived. But when one moves aside all the clutter, what one is left with is a sort of mindless drivel that would stupefy even a PhD. His characters lack credibility. They are like cartoon characters. Soap Opera Cartoons characters. lol

3. The Sassy3 Aug 2012, 9:42pm Report

LOL! I was just thinking how lame it is that Moffat thinks its a big deal to have a lesbian. First of all, anyone with an actual working brain knows it has nothing to do with promoting Gay acceptance and everything to do with catering the sick wet-dreams of hormonally driven Teenagers of all ages.
Second WHO CARES?! Maybe 15 yrs ago this might have been a big deal but now?! Not a big deal! Moffat constantly proves what a backwards hick he is!
And whats more, Blatantly Sexual characters (gay or straight) has NO PLACE on a FAMILY SHOW!
And only the sickest of perverts would disagree. Yes, anyone announcing their sexuality IS making themselves out to be primarily about their stupid sex life! And that is just childish!
Moffat obviously belongs writing for some porno movies. those are way more his speed.
Shame on any parents who allow their children to watch this sleazy crap!
Oh and for those who are shocked by Moffat's Ultra-predictable outcomes to his stories, if Your over 12, you should be deeply embarrassed at being so thick!
2+2 ALWAYS Equals FOUR! And YET! Some of his drooling fans are genuinely shocked by this! "What?! The answer is FOUR?! No Way! I never saw that coming! Moffat has done it again. He has confounded me! He is a genius!" LOL!! REALLY?!
Predicting that Clara will turn out to be Time Lord. Now whether or not she turns out to be River and the Dr's (VOMIT)daughter has yet to be seen.
And Omega will of course be back.
Hint: Whenever Moffats fans (or writers) see someone getting too close to the truth on youtube, they go on the attack something fierce. lol

4. The Sassy3 Aug 2012, 9:44pm Report

Oh and about the ultra-predictable factor I am cutting and pasting the persons guess from March! LOL!
Michael J****
if the rumors about the angle of the new companion are true....then once and for all moffatt will have proven that he has truly and finally move away from the soap opera stuff ( cue dramatic music ) i mean no self respecting soap would ever do a love triangle; that is so beneath them!
Unlike · · Unfollow Post · March 21 at 1:57pm

SEE?! I don't Lie! He IS predictable! Those who doubt, well, once again, proving what a bunch of hayseeds they are. lol

5. Michael Winner4 Aug 2012, 4:46pm Report

Calm down dear.

6. Timelordfan571 Sep 2012, 9:01pm Report

RE: The constant drivel churned out by The Sassy:

The Sassy appears to have a personal gripe against Moffat, must he/she bore us all with their very personal view on Doctor Who and the writing of Moffatt? I hope not it is so boring, no one takes these people seriously they're just a joke and clearly have nothing else to do put post reams of abuse at someone who writes for a TV show!

Come on The Sassy lighten up and get a life. We all know what you think stop calling Moffy a moron or thick it does you and your 'intellectual image' no good at all. It's a sci-fi show primarily aimed at kids and young teens!

7. Sarah Grant4 Jan 2014, 11:33pm Report

Okay The Sassy. You're entitled to your opinion, and I respect that. You don't like the way Stephen Moffat writes Doctor Who. Then don't watch it. Simple problem and simple solution. Personally I find how he writes fascinating. Cliches are cliches for a reason.

Nah, my main issue is that you think Doctor Who has blatantly sexual characters. Vastra and Jenny announcing that they're married is NOT "about their stupid sex life". How could it be? The most physical affection they show for each other is when Jenny is dying!

Now. On to the 'sexual characters'. River Song is probably the biggest flirt of the newer series'. Taking into account that Doctor Who is primarily for older kids and teenagers, flirting is NOT sick and perverted. Go to most tv shows for seven year olds up, there will almost definitely be flirting of some kind. Believe it or not, some people actually enjoy it, and find it funny! I know, shocker.

And one last thing. Giving a single example of one time something may have occurred does not 'constantly prove' anything. Back up your points mate. Any 'hormonal lay driven teenager' can.

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