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David Stewart, co-promoter behind brand new electro night Screwloose talks to Sandra Marron about his desire to bring something different to Glasgow

New kid on the electro block Screwloose makes its debut at the Arches this fortnight with a solid roster of interesting musical guests to get your teeth into. Even if it seems that every club in both Scottish cities has the ‘electro’ genre in its revue, many nights just don’t hit the mark with quality. Electro may have enjoyed a trendy scenester image left over from the early days of London clubs such as NagNagNag but people seem to be tiring of identikit electro clubs. So, if you’re looking for the darker-edged side of the genre, the techno-influenced stuff that baulks at day-glo ridiculousness, then this new night could be the alternative you are looking for.

‘Our basic concept revolves around letting your hair down and letting your unhinged, unconventional self shine through,’ explains co-promoter David Stewart. ‘Some of the scenesters in Glasgow are taking themselves too seriously these days, and nights out sometimes look like a parade down a disco catwalk where people studiously ignore each other and everyone competes to be fabulous. Fabulous isn’t always fun so we want to provide a place for people who have something loose in their heads and would like to express it. The central idea is to create a crowd that feels like a community, where everyone talks to everyone else, and everyone laughs.’

The night also has a refreshingly different approach to booking guests. Rather than going down the often tried and tested formula of big name DJs that nights up and down the country are booking in electro circles, Screwloose have decided to try and introduce people to some newer music. ‘We looked to see who hadn’t played in Glasgow before so that we could make our debut with something people hadn’t seen,’ says Stewart.
Topping the bill are the Dublin-based duo Hystereo who are signed to our own Scottish imprint Soma. The boys’ slick production on tunes such as ‘Opening Bell’, the French-sounding ‘Deale’ (think Justice meets Superdiscount) and current favourite ‘Corporate Crimewave’ make them surefire dancefloor pounders. The music is dark and it’s hypnotic, with some killer crescendos, perfect for a sweaty night down at the Arches.

Berlin hardhitters Boys Noize records provides the other two guests in the form of Shadowdancer aka Paul and Al Farrier with their dirty, dark and, at times, industrial sounds, plus Hamburg’s DIM.

Stewart’s own musical taste is very much a part of the overall vibe. ‘My personal desired emphasis was on a driving beat that kept your feet moving all night long,’ he says. ‘So we’ve aimed at hard electro with some shades of techno, something tougher and much darker than the likes of Death Disco while holding back from being as brutally banging as Pressure.’

The future looks bright for the night with a move to The Art School planned from September. And Stewart’s burning desire to present something different to the city knows no limits. ‘We also have ambitions to be doing something at New Year but that’s all still in preliminary planning, and I am definitely interested in doing a few unexpected one-off events with some sort of twist.’

Screwloose, the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 24 Aug, with Boys Noize records, Hystereo, Shadowdancer and DIM.


A first class night of electro and techno, with special guests Herve (Cheap Thrills/Domino) and Glasgow's own Johnny Whoop (Death Disco).

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