'Big Brother''s Chris slams Luke and Ashleigh's relationship as 'fake'

'Big Brother' evictee Chris claims Luke and Ashleigh's relationship is "fake" and says he regrets starting drunken arguments on the Channel 5 reality show

Chris James

'Big Brother''s Chris James

'Big Brother' evictee Chris claims Luke and Ashleigh's relationship is "fake".

Bailiff Chris James - who was the second person to be evicted from the Channel 5 reality show last Friday (15.06.12) - claims nightclub promoter Luke Scrase is playing games and is only dating Ashleigh Hughes in order to win over the public and pocket the £100,000 prize.

Chris, 21, told the Daily Star newspaper: "Luke is playing the nice guy so he doesn't get nominated and it's fake. He'll do whatever it takes to win.

"He's got into a relationship with Ashleigh Hughes but it's not real. Quite a few housemates think it's fake.

"He could hurt her feelings by doing it because she likes him. I think they will end up having big arguments."

Luton-born Chris has also admitted he is hurt and "offended" to discover that his housemates found him loud and aggressive when he was drinking.

He confessed: "To hear people calling me aggressive is very upsetting. I'm offended by it, to be honest.

"People are always quick to judge me and call me aggressive because of my job. I wish I hadn't come across that way on the show."

The former housemate - who repeatedly launched into drunken rants at fellow contestants including popular wildcard Becky Hannon - wishes he had taken his mother's advice about staying sober.

He added: "My mum told me not to drink in the house because when I drink I get into arguments. After the first row I decided not to drink any more.

"I wish I'd done what I was told and avoided it completely."


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