One Elliot Park (3 stars)

One Elliot Park

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Imaginative psychological thriller from Edinburgh-based Siege Perilous

Part psychological thriller, part cop drama, Lindsay Miller's One Elliot Park asks just how much our neighbours affect our lives. The inhabitants of three flats in an ordinary Edinburgh tenement return to find their front doors wide open – but nothing stolen. Their neighbour, Chloe, hasn’t been seen in weeks. What’s happened?

As the story of the weekend is pieced together, taken apart and pieced together again, the best moments of this production, by Edinburgh-based Siege Perilous, are in Chloe’s wide-eyed attempts to make sense of her neighbours’ movements, having been watching them closely for months. Mark, the layabout stag night stalwart, antagonises Debs, the overworked mother of twin boys, who cleans for Douglas, the uptight businessman who’s still suspiciously close to his parents. All are interrogated about their relationship with Chloe by a hard-drinking and occasionally schoolmarmish police inspector who, like all good maverick cops, just can’t seem to let this case lie.

Chloe (Lily Carrie) sits in silence for most of the play, reacting to the arguments and testimonies of her neighbours. Carrie’s performance is mesmerising and subtle, set refreshingly against the dialled-up shouting into which other members of the cast slip too often.

The story itself is original and intriguing, before blowing it with a predictable twist beloved of devised school drama everywhere. But imaginative direction from Andy Corelli, who makes seamless and visually striking use of a tiny space, gives this production a lingering charm, shot through with the memory of Chloe’s haunting and frightened gaze.

One Elliot Park runs at Malmaison, Tower Place, Leith, until Tue 19 Jun.

One Elliot Park

Thought-provoking drama about a young woman who is accused of burgling her neighbours' flat, written by Edinburgh-based playwright Lindsay Miller and performed by Siege Perilous.

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