Chris James evicted from Big Brother

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  • 16 June 2012
Chris James

Chris James

Chris James became the second person evicted from 'Big Brother' last night (15.06.12) after losing the public vote against Arron Lowe

Chris James became the second person evicted from 'Big Brother' last night (15.06.12).

The cheeky bouncer was kicked off the Channel 5 show after losing in the public vote to Arron Lowe.

Upon being told he was leaving, Chris shook his head and received hugs from his housemates, including Arron. He left to mainly cheers from the crowd outside.

The 21-year-old later told host Brian Dowling he thought his stay would have been longer.

He said: "I thought I'd last a little bit longer, I'm not going to lie, but everything happens for a reason."

Talking about his time on the show, he added: "It was excellent. It was a good laugh in there. But I was myself. There's too many players. I wanted to be myself, so that's why I'm out."

He also discussed his stormy relationship with wildcard housemate Becky Hannon, who has previously said she never "hated anyone so much" as Chris.

He said: "I saw through her like glass. I found her quite annoying, I'm not going to lie. I think 'cos she was the wildcard, she was loved by the public, and the public saw that I didn't like her. They must not have liked me."

He added that he thinks she will be up for eviction next, saying: "I'll put everything on the line she'll be up for nomination next Friday."

After Chris' departure, Becky told her housemates: "He's a nightmare. He's putrid.

"He's the most annoying boy ever to grace the 'Big Brother' house. I genuinely detest him."

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