Larry Hagman still wants to be in Dallas when he's 90

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  • 16 June 2012
Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman

'Dallas' star Larry Hagman plans to keep playing J.R. Ewing in the soap until he's 90

'Dallas' star Larry Hagman plans to keep playing J.R. Ewing until he's 90.

The actor is already 80, but has no plans to retire and hopes the reboot of the glamorous US TV series stays on screen for another decade.

He told The Sun newspaper: "Actors can't retire. If I make it another ten years, I'll be 90 years old!"

Asked if he still sees himself as J.R. in ten years, he added: "Hell, yes I do!"

However, Larry - who was diagnosed with cancer last year - admitted he is no longer able to work long days on set like he did in the US soap's 80s heyday.

He added: "They're very good to me. I only work either in the morning or the afternoon. I'm not one of those ten-hour guys."

Larry has not revealed what type of cancer he is suffering from, aside from saying it is "common and beatable," but credits his strict vegan diet - introduced to him by co-star Linda Gray - for helping him in his battle.

He added: "When I was diagnosed, Ms Gray said, 'Well, you've got to be a vegan now.' I said, 'Are you kidding?' She says, 'No, it'll help you. It'll get you off all those steroids with meats and turkey and chicken and beef and stuff and it'll cleanse your body.'"

'Dallas' - featuring Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson as Larry's warring sons - will be shown on Channel 5 later this year.

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