Guns n’ Roses - SECC, Glasgow, Fri 25 May 2012 (3 stars)

Late and overly-long, but a good value showbiz reenactment of the glory days


This article is from 2012.

Guns n’ Roses - SECC, Glasgow, Fri 25 May 2012

Good old Axl Rose. Anyone concerned that his famous ability to rub people right up the wrong way has evaporated as he enters his 50s would have found their faith restored during this leg of Guns n’ Roses’ latest arena tour. As he’s done at every other date this year, he kept the fans waiting … and waiting … and waiting. Eventually he took to the stage at half past ten for a show that wouldn’t finish for another three hours, which was a pain-in-the-arse length for many here, despite the fact most seemed happy to go along with it.

Get your head round the borderline effrontery of his timing choices and the fact this isn’t really Guns n’ Roses at all – at least, not if you’re expecting the long-departed Slash, Duff and co – and this was actually a fairly good value showbiz reenactment of the glory days, with classics like ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, ‘You Could Be Mine’, ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ and ‘Nightrain’ all present and punctuated by overblown firework effects, and ‘November Rain’ and ‘Civil War’ benefiting from Axl’s still-potent chainsaw vocal. Why he saw the need to give each of his session player bandmates a solo spot was a mystery, though, as was our means of getting home when ‘Paradise City’ finally screeched to a halt in the wee hours.

This article is from 2012.

Guns N' Roses

Axl and his band of hired hands play bombastic metal classics of the calibre of 'Welcome to the Jungle', 'November Rain' and 'Paradise City'.

London Stadium, E20

Fri 16 Jun

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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London E20

Fri 16 Jun


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