Rick Redbeard and Adam Stafford

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  • 15 June 2012
Rick Redbeard and Adam Stafford

Reasons to go see cohorts of The Phantom Band and Y’all Is Fantasy Island

1: You may recognise these two
Rick ‘Redbeard’ Anthony – here appearing in his alt-folk solo guise – as frontman of Glasgow kraut-folk six-piece The Phantom Band, and Adam Stafford from defunct grungy Falkirk noiseniks Y’all Is Fantasy Island, now going it alone as a kind of one-man band 2.0 employing looped vocals and guitars.

2: The A and the B side
They’ve been brought by a split 7” single on Gerry Loves Records, a boutique Edinburgh micro-label Anthony hails for releasing ‘music to show their love of the artefact as much as anything else.’

3: Brand new
While Stafford already has an album to his name – last year’s impressive Build a Harbour Immediately – these shows will mark Anthony’s first solo release proper in seven years of activity. A longplayer is soon set to finally follow. ‘These songs have been rattling around my subconscious for years,’ he says. ‘It feels a bit like an exorcism.’

4: You might get a power ballad …
Anthony is surprisingly beholden to 80s-tastic tunes of gushing emotion and massive coda key changes. ‘A friend of mine gave me a triple-disc set of power ballads for my birthday last year and it’s been a staple in the car since,’ he says. Cigarette lighters at the ready.

5: But no grooming advice …
He literally keeps a fine, fulsome set of auburn whiskers does Redbeard, but he won’t tell us the full secret for maintaining such a splendid chin-warmer. ‘Suffice to say I follow an ancient meditative method that involves manure and loneliness.’

Henry’s, Edinburgh, Thu 21 Jun (with support from Wounded Knee)
Captains Rest, Glasgow, Fri 22 Jun (with support from Yusuf Azak).
Rick Redbeard/Adam Stafford split 7” single out on Gerry Loves Records Mon 25 Jun.

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