Nite Jewel set for 2012 UK dates

Nite Jewel set for 2012 UK dates

Ramona Gonzalez progresses from lo-fi aesthetic to explore soulful territory

From the heart of LA’s underground scene comes the minimalist disco and neon-lit stylings of Nite Jewel, the project of Ramona Gonzalez – as evocative as it is rug cutting. Formally a live trio, Nite Jewel has evolved into a far more funk-leaning creature on her second record One Second of Love, a minor departure from her lo-fi bedroom vibes on the critically applauded Good Evening debut back in 2008 – with its tighter production and snappier percussion.

This 80s funk leaning was also explored on her collaboration with Dam Funk on their ‘Am I Gonna Make It’ track in 2009, so this natural progression towards a more soulful territory has been a few years in the making. Cuts from her ‘Am I Real’ EP wouldn’t be far removed from the likes of a Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam album, with its emotive synths and slapping bass, trademarked with Ramona’s meandering and effortless vocals. You may also recognise Ramona from her cameo in Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg and her countless viral music videos online.

With the likes of Grimes and Lana Del Rey making some big splashes in the States and abroad, Nite Jewel fit comfortably in the same bracket – but with a measured and more mystical approach to her songwriting. With her recent single, the title track ‘One Second of Love’ tiptoeing between a pounding minimal rhythm and its haunting chorus, it’s a perfect pop counterbalance found in peers like Ariel Pink or Canadian suavester The Weeknd. Her UK tour this month will be a rare chance to catch Nite Jewel’s newest material in the flesh, and on the strength of her last tour a few years back, it’ll be worth the wait.

The Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Fri 13 Jul

Nite Jewel - "One Second of Love" (Official Video)

Nite Funk - Am I Gonna Make It

Nite Jewel - Am I Real?

Nite Jewel

Lo-fi electronica from Los Angeles singer/songwriter Ramona Gonzalez.

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