Cloud Nothings - The Captain’s, Glasgow, Tue 5 Jun 2012 (3 stars)

Cloud Nothings - The Captain’s, Glasgow, Tue 5 Jun 2012

Success for evolving band despite exchange of catchy songs for white noise

Cloud Nothings’ progression from Ohioan teenager Dylan Baldi’s lo-fi bedroom project to an arm-flailing, ass-kicking twentysomething with live band has been a joy to watch. Nearly drowning in their own energy, the quickness in delivery of their material in the past couple of years, going from a scuzzy collection of EPs to fist-pumping pop rock, culminating in an exploration of slightly darker, noisier territory on this year’s Steve Albini-produced Attack on Memory, has showed both man and band discover and define their talents.

Sadly, however, in stark contrast to the multiple joyous two-minute jabs they doled out the last time they hit the Captain’s Rest (now The Captain’s or whatever) have been all but replaced by delay pedals and white noise. To think there’s no limit to this band’s potential is exciting, and most people here tonight want to watch them grow. But when they breach the ten-minute mark with underwhelming and unstructured noise, it threatens to overshadow what made them so appealing in the first place – their mastery of both brevity and the ability to pen catchy and affecting songs.

That being said, traverse the wankery and newer gems such as ‘Cut You’, ‘Stay Useless’ and ‘Wasted Days’ (the first half at least) still pack a punch.

Cloud Nothings - No Future, No Past

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