Lotte Gertz: New Work (4 stars)

Lotte Gertz: New Work

Hand stitched canvases give value to these paintings

New Work by Lotte Gertz is a surprisingly beautiful, yet unassuming exhibition. Murky shades of green, grey and blue paint have been pushed and swirled around the canvases. Traces of a second layer appear visible through the cloth – revealing a painterly history of mark making that is in a constant flux between advancing and receding.

A large white muslin canvas with minimal grey marks anchors the show that is otherwise reflective of a busy mind trying to streamline her consciousness. Gertz’s hand stitched canvases, made from thin, pure white, almost rationed, muslin cloth, give value to the work that would otherwise have been cheapened by readymade shop canvas.

There is a formlessness here, similar to a baby’s perspective of the world as it develops sharpened vision. Gertz’s act of painting can be likened to becoming a surrogate vessel for another life as autonomous mark making allows the subconscious to control the hand to paint or draw, giving weight to the process rather than the product. When the child takes over the mother may allow it to play and mess, and in that moment a profound image can take shape.

Mary Mary, Glasgow, until Sat 4 Aug

Lotte Gertz

  • 4 stars

New work by Denmark-born, Glasgow-based artist, inspired by the fact that her studio occupies the same space as her living area.

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