A Parliament of Lines (4 stars)

A Parliament of Lines

Group show includes work by David Shrigley, Callum Innes and Charles Avery

This group show curated by Euan Gray explores the very definition of drawing and its boundaries with other disciplines, successfully bringing together a diverse body of work by 15 contemporary artists connected to Scotland.

Works by artists including David Shrigley, Callum Innes and Charles Avery are based loosely around five themes – figuration; abstraction; landscape; sculptural investigation and film; photography and reproduction – clearly and coherently articulating the diversity of drawing as an art form and its relevance to a wide range of contemporary artists.

What is clear from this engaging exhibition is not only the importance of drawing to all areas of current art practice, but also how it continues to remain relevant while adapting and evolving in relation to developments in technology and media. As the show highlights, drawing is perhaps more relevant in a digital age than ever before: Layla Curtis’ Edinburgh and Glasgow Index Drawings demonstrating that, even in a time when we are exposed to and familiar with a proliferation of information and images on the internet, drawing still has the capacity to illuminate and surprise.

City Art Centre, Edinburgh, until Sun 8 Jul

A Parliament of Lines

  • 4 stars

Work by fifteen important Scottish artists – or at any rate, artists who've been through the Scottish education system – who use drawing as a central component in their practice. Featured artists are Charles Avery, Paul Chiappe, Layla Curtis, Nathalie De Briey, Moyna Flannigan, Luca Frei, Euan Gray, Sam Griffin, Marie…

A Parliament of Lines – Hard of Hearing Guided Tour

Tessa Asquith-Lamb hosts this guided tour of the exhibition featuring 15 contemporary artists who all use drawing as an important part of their work. Featuring portable loops for the hard of hearing.

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