Artist Alex Simpson works across painting, sculpture and printmaking

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  • 14 June 2012
Artist Alex Simpson works across painting, sculpture and printmaking

Recent commissions include miniature porcelain sculptures for Guinness

In 2010 Alex Simpson graduated with a first class honors degree in Illustration from the University of Brighton, where she received the John Vernon Lord Sketchbook Prize. Alex is a multi disciplinary artist who works intuitively across painting, sculpture and printmaking. Her work centres around personal narratives that are played out in worlds of melancholic children and strange creatures exploring their relationships with loss, fear and the unknown. At the core of Alex’s practice is painting – a dialogue between artist and medium – in which she invites spontaneity to bleed out her delicate figures into washes of gouache and ink.

Alex also works with ceramics – sculpting three-dimensional counterparts to her gouache apparitions – using glazes to retain the textural flow of painting in this medium. Recently she has been commissioned to produce miniature porcelain sculptures for Guinness, The Guinness Monument and paintings for the Bavarian State Opera House Magazine Max Joseph. She now lives in South East London.

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