Adam and Lydia clash over BB nominations

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  • 13 June 2012
Adam Kelly

Adam Kelly

'Big Brother' stars Adam Kelly came to blows with Lydia Louisa after he suggested she was playing a game to avoid nomination because she has already been put up for eviction once before

'Big Brother' stars Adam Kelly and Lydia Louisa came to blows after he suggested she was playing a game to avoid nomination.

The former LA gang member and Andy Scott Lee's girlfriend - who bonded almost as soon as they both entered the house last week - fell out when Adam claimed Lydia was "playing a card" to avoid being put up for eviction a second time by constantly complaining about nominations.

While insisting he would always support her, Adam told Lydia: "If you continue with, 'I'm going to be up again this, I'm going to be up again this week', I'm going to be, 'Bleh!'

"If it happens all the time, 'I'm playing this card again', I will have a problem."

But Lydia hit back, saying: "I'm not playing a card, I'm voicing a stress. I understand what you're saying though, it could be annoying. But if you can't voice how you feel, what you can do? I can internalise it. I can do that."

After carrying on their debate, Lydia then walked out of the discussion.

Meanwhile, Keith Harris and Orville became the latest celebrities to enter the 'Big Brother' house, to take part in the No Laughing Matter task with the housemates.

The iconic children's entertainers performed a gig at the Megalols Cafe alongside stand-up Jeff Leech and Britain's Got Talent star Gatis Kandis yesterday evening (12.06.12), where they were attempting to ruin the housemates' attempts to not laugh for two whole days.

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