Lucky Luke - Travelling for a Living (4 stars)

Lucky Luke - Travelling for a Living

This ‘lost’ second album a reminder of barren, grainy beauty of folk explorers

(Chaffinch Records)

Before Mumford and their Barbour-clad ilk hijacked folk for their insidious Tory-chic lifestyle brand, bands like Glasgow’s Lucky Luke were taking the legacy of Fairport and Incredible String Band in a more idiosyncratic and radical direction. Lucy Sweet offers feminist takes on the ballad tradition, celebrating female sexuality and lambasting the ‘wicked handsome princes’ and ‘arrogant fools’ who would deny her protagonists their independence. Simon Shaw, now of Trembling Bells, sets his evocative sea-sprayed odysseys to lo-fi folk-rock suggestive of a moonlit hoedown between Gorkys and the Silver Jews, while Morag Wilson’s delicate voice and mystical songs recall Vashti Bunyan. Lucky Luke may be no more but this ‘lost’ second album is a welcome reminder of their barren, grainy beauty.

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