Kotki Dwa - Staycations (3 stars)

Kotki Dwa - Staycations

Sprightly delights fill album recorded in National Trust properties

(National Trust)

And there we were thinking indie was dead and buried, when all the while Kotki Dwa were round the back of the bike sheds pashing it into life. Produced in collaboration with the National Trust and recorded in many of their historic properties, Staycations is the second effort from this artsy trio whose name is Polish for ‘two kittens’. Now your gag reflex may be going into overdrive right now but bear with us, Kotki Dwa are great. From perky riff and hook-ridden pop songs like ‘The End’, ‘Guests’ and ‘Bad Timing’, to the plonked pianos of ‘You & I’ and album standout ‘She Likes It’, which trills and trips along in a flurry of flutes, strings and electronics, Staycations is packed full of sprightly delights.

Kotki Dwa record new album 'Staycations' at Upton House and Gardens

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