Arron Lowe and Chris James up for Big Brother eviction

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  • 12 June 2012
Arron Lowe

Arron Lowe

'Big Brother' housemates Arron Lowe and Chris James are up for eviction this Friday

'Big Brother' housemates Arron Lowe and Chris James are up for eviction.

The pair were nominated by fellow contestants with five votes apiece after stealing a sausage on Saturday (09.06.12), causing havoc amongst the hungry housemates taking part in the Channel 5 reality show.

Model Arron, 23, stole an extra banger during lunch to give to bailiff Chris, 21, breaking the strict food rationing rules. Lydia Louisa, 25, snitched on the greedy pair, resulting in an explosive row dubbed "sausagegate" as the housemates turned on them.

Viewers watched the housemates gang up on the pair during the 'Big Brother' confessionals.

Posh girl Caroline Wharram, 20, cast her vote for Chris, claiming she hates his boozy rants and saying: "I don't find him very interesting and he's always talking about his genitals."

Nightclub promoter Luke Scrase, 24, who fought with Chris about the food budget and rations, also voted against him. He said: "Chris is a nice guy but his reaction to me the other night about the food was out of order. He also argued with Becky on her first night here and that was inappropriate. Is he being himself?"

The housemates also turned on Arron, with 28-year-old Shievonne Robinson blasting the Abercrombie & Fitch model as a troublemaker.

She told Big Brother: "He's just a bit vain, always looking in the mirror and is very competitive."

But Lydia Louisa thinks martial arts lover Arron will be saved by his looks.

She said: "He's pretty and people will keep him in the house. But I do think he is over-confident and he's playing a game."

Fans of 'Big Brother' can cast their votes to save their favourite contestant when lines open tonight (12.06.12). The loser will be evicted on Friday's (15.06.12) live show.

Self-confessed cougar Victoria Eisermann was the first person to be booted off the show last week.

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