Norah Jones wanted a healthy Danger Mouse

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  • 12 June 2012
Norah Jones

Norah Jones

Norah Jones tried to make Danger Mouse eat alternatives to unhealthy cheeseburgers when they worked together

Norah Jones tried to make Danger Mouse eat healthily when they worked together.

'Don't Know Why' singer Norah recorded with the super producer - real name Brian Burton - for her new album, 'Little Broken Hearts', and tried her best to keep him off the cheeseburgers while they were in the studio together.

She told Red Bulletin magazine: "I cooked him dinner a few times or breakfast before the studio. For me it was such a struggle, because it was Brian and his two engineers, and they just wanted to eat cheeseburgers every day.

"I love burgers, but you know... So every night I cooked a healthy meal in anticipation of the next day's lunch. They were open to it. Well, Brian was, the engineers not so much."

Norah, 33, also said she was worried about the first impression she made when she and Brian started to work together, because she was feeling under the weather when they first met.

She added: "I was a little bit miserable because I was sick the whole time. I had horrible allergies. Brian must have thought I was a real drag. But it was great eventually. It made me see that we work really well together."

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