Catherine Tyldesley wants Corrie 'fresh meat'

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  • 11 June 2012
Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley admits she is keen for some "fresh meat" to become her boyfriend on 'Coronation Street'

Catherine Tyldesley wants some "fresh meat" for her 'Coronation Street' alter-ego.

The blonde actress, who plays Bistro bar manager Eva Price on the ITV1 soap, has revealed she would like someone "more ambitious and intellectual" to mend her character's broken heart.

Catherine told Soaplife magazine: "She needs someone a little more ambitious and intellectual. I think she will just play with guys until the right one comes along.

"Maybe there needs to be some fresh meat on the street for Eva..."

The actress explained that Eva is "absolutely devastated" over her break up with Nick and her attempt to make him jealous by going out on a date with Jason backfires, and sparks don't fly with Jason either.

She commented: "She definitely thinks that Jason's eye-candy but long term I don't think she sees anything in it. She thinks he's sweet but she would get bored."

Catherine is upset about her on-screen's relationship with Nick coming to an end on a professional level too, saying: "I'll be sad not to be working with Ben Price - who plays Nick - because I love him to bits, he's great."

She also hinted that the fallout could be huge if Nick gets too close to her on-screen sister, his ex-wife Leanne.

Catherine said: "She would be absolutely gutted because a) she loves Nick and b) she has just established a decent relationship with Leanne. She treats Leanne as a sister and would consider Leanne with Nick a complete betrayal."

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