Cornonation Street's Simon Barlow turns to booze

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  • 8 June 2012
Alex Bain - Simon Barlow in Coronation Street

Alex Bain - Simon Barlow in Coronation Street

'Cornonation Street''s latest storyline sees seven-year-old Simon Barlow turn to booze over the stress of his custody battle

'Coronation Street''s seven-year-old Simon Barlow has turned to booze.

Simon - played by child actor Alex Bain - is rushed to hospital in an upcoming episode of the ITV1 soap after the stress of his dad's custody battle with estranged wife Leanne (Jane Danson) over him leads the youngster to drown his sorrows with a bottle of wine.

Chris Gascoyne, who plays Simon's alcoholic father Peter Barlow, told Inside Soap magazine: "It's very serious - a life-and-death situation. Simon's unconscious, so no one knows just how much he's drunk. Peter's thrown into total panic.

"Peter is angry about Simon going off the rails, but doesn't see it as his fault yet. In fact, Peter will blame anyone but himself . But eventually he gets to the truth of it - it's completely his fault.

Simon falls unconscious but is revived in hospital after downing a bottle of his father's booze, but distressed Peter hasn't learnt his lesson.

Chris revealed Peter will take out his anger on his girlfriend Carla Connor (Alison King), jeopardising his relationship.

He commented: "Simon tells Peter that he took the wine because he hates his life. He thinks that if he drinks, it will make him happy. It's so very sad. Peter and Leanne can't seem to agree on anything, and Simon's right in the middle getting hurt."

But Chris has little sympathy for his troubled on-screen alter-ego, saying: "Peter won't listen to anyone's advice. He's all over the place right now."

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