Central Station: Anna Gibb

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  • 31 May 2012
Central Station: Anna Gibb

The architecture student is inspired by old maps and city panoramas

Anna Gibb has been drawing by hand since her final year at university studying architecture. Her project involved research into Edinburgh’s old town and ignited in her an obsession with city grain and, in particular, cityscape and skyline. Although architecture is her career path, Anna believes the distinction between art and architecture is blurred and that the drawing of architecture is fast becoming a lost art. She has a passionate enthusiasm for history and is inspired by old maps and city panoramas, in particular Buonsignori’s 1584 map of Florence, and etchings by Piranesi. The beautiful depiction of detail used by the masters is something she seeks to incorporate in her drawing style.

Since graduating in 2009 Anna has done various things to escape the recession, including a scholarship to Florence, eight months in Australia, and an artist-in-residency in Glasgow, all the while working towards qualifying as an architect. She is thrilled to be taking part in the exhibition for the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale later this year.

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