Amy Childs: 'Surgery is addictive'

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  • 30 May 2012
Amy Childs

Amy Childs

Amy Childs admits getting plastic surgery done is addictive and she would be happy to keep having boob jobs

Amy Childs says plastic surgery is addictive.

The reality TV star is planning her second boob job and wouldn't hesitate to have a third if she felt she needed it in the future and says she can see how people get addicted.

Amy said: "I don't want to keep having them done, but if I'm 30 and they sag again, then, yeah, I will.

"I'm not addicted personally, but I can see why people want to keep getting things done because it makes you feel good."

Amy thinks plastic surgery is a great way to improve confidence and thinks people should fix what they're not happy with.

She said: "I would say you have to feel good about yourself. And it's not as if I'm telling all of my young fans to go and have a boob job. But I would say if you have a dodgy nose, get it done! Make yourself feel good."

However, Amy, 21, says she does have limits and there are certain procedures she would never undertake.

She told new! magazine: "Chloe Sims has had her bum done? I can't tell the different. I'd never have my bum done, I'm not into lipo - just work out and train. You get horrible scarring from lipo. I'd quite like my lips bigger, but my veneers have done that for me!"

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