Jedward: 'Engelbert totally rocks'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 May 2012


Irish 'Eurovision' entrants Jedward thing their British rival Engelbert Humperdinck "totally rocks" and they admit they were "really excited" to meet him

Jedward think Engelbert Humperdinck "totally rocks".

The Irish twins - also known as John and Edward Grimes - will go head-to-head with the 76-year-old crooner at the 'Eurovision Song Contest' in Baku, Azerbaijan on Saturday night (26.06.12), and they admit they were delighted to meet him because of his legendary image.

Edward said: "Engelbert has got a really cool style and a distinct image and we've got a distinct image too.

"Engelbert totally rocks. He's awesome and we were really excited about meeting him. He's more funk and cool than we are. He's still got all his hair. We hope we will have all our hair at his age."

Hair is an important part of the twin's image, and they admit many admiring fans in the Central Asian country - which has never hosted the contest before - like them because of their high spiky locks.

Edward told the Daily Star newspaper: "I think we're liked here because of our spiky hair. We're bringing something different to the 'Eurovision'. Lots of the time there's girls dancing trying to be hot but me and John, we're twins and they don't have many twins."

Jedward are representing Ireland for the second time in two years with the song 'Waterline', while Engelbert will be performing his song 'Love Will Set You Free' at the final tomorrow.

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