Summer Festivals 2012: Clubbers Decktionary - RockNess

Summer Festivals 2012: Clubbers Decktionary - RockNess

David Guetta / Photo: EMI

Trouble's DJ Hobbes guides us through the myriad genres of RockNess


Pure electronic dance music (ie no non-electronic samples or vox) with a 4/4 kick. The original, Detroit style incorporates more melody and strings alongside sounds from Roland’s classic 808 and 909 drum machines and, often, the 303 ‘acid’ groovebox.
Examples: Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims.


The 80s dance sound of Chicago is back in vogue, with new hybrids still emerging in the classic 4/4 beat template. Lighter than techno and more fond of vocal samples.
Examples: David Guetta (pictured), Mylo, Silicone Soul, Harri, Levon Vincent, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Riton.


80s electro was the music street-dancers would ‘break’, ‘pop’ and ‘lock’ to, creating breakdance. Still in 4/4 time but with half the number of kicks and snares per bar of house/techno/disco. Contemporary club electro is more poppy and hook-laden with a prevailing focus on midrange frequencies, making the music more biting and attention grabbing.
Examples: Jacques Lu Cont, Justice, Claude VonStroke, Etienne De Crecy.

Electro-Indie aka New Wave

The mid-to-late 00s saw drum machines and synths once again being adopted by a lot of bands, like the original new wavers during the postpunk years.
Examples: Metronomy, Errors, Japanese Popstars, Friendly Fires, The Rapture.

(Disco) Re-edits

Classic (disco) tracks with a contemporary feel, their best qualities enhanced by modern production flair.
Examples: Tiger & Woods, Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston, Thunder Disco Club.

UK Bass

Britain’s complex, post-dubstep scene is a bit of a chimera, hence this catch-all term for any contemporary UK dance music employing lots of bass.
Examples: Jakwob, Pearson Sound, DJ Fresh, Eats Everything, Hudson Mohwake.


With massive, often florid, arpeggiated synth riffs as its principal motif and all the black roots stripped out, trance has huge crossover appeal.
Examples: Deadmau5.

Beige Wave

Undemanding, unchallenging folky indie and acoustic strummery that shifts by the crate-load. Pop wonders never cease.
Examples: Mumford & Sons, Noah & The Whale, Ed Sheeran.


You know this one. Awesome line-ups and awesome location make for one of Scotland's favourite music festivals. 2013's line-up includes Example, Plan B, Fatboy Slim, Madness, Basement Jaxx, The Vaccines, Above & Beyond, Madeon, Bombay Bicycle Club, Ben Howard, Skream, Benga, Ellie Goulding, The Temper Trap, Alabama 3…

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