Marco Pierre White: 'Dancing on Ice is hideous'

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  • 23 May 2012
Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White

Chef Marco Pierre White thinks reality TV shows with celebrities are "hideous", especially 'Dancing on Ice'

Marco Pierre White hates reality TV shows - despite having one of his own.

The infamous chef reveals he does not own a television and was once "horrified" by 'Dancing on Ice' when he saw it while in a hotel.

He said: "I was fascinated for about 60 seconds. It was 'Dancing on Ice'. I was horrified. I thought, 'Who would want to watch this show?'

"It was hideous and I turned it off. I just don't have a TV. It's like a modern day church. There are people in the world I don't like, so why would I allow them in my front room?"

Despite his series 'Marco Pierre's Kitchen Wars' starting on Channel 5 next month, the chef claims it is reality in "the true sense" as there are no celebrities.

He added to The Sun: "I wanted a reality show in the true sense, reality where it is not manufactured.

"I didn't want celebrities. All those people came on to the show to do well. It was personal challenges - of course they all wanted to win."

The seven part series sees cooking duos compete for a place in a specially-designed restaurant with three kitchens for three different sets of diners.

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