DZ Deathrays – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Tue 22 May 2012 (4 stars)

DZ Deathrays – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Tue 22 May 2012

Raw and intense show from the Brisbane duo

2012 should be a landmark year for DZ Deathrays. The Aussie duo were included in NME’s Top 20 Most Exciting Bands of 2012, and their debut album Bloodstreams has met with generally favourable reviews. In the meantime though, it’s pleasing to see them sticking to their down and dirty DIY roots, playing tiny venues (Sneaky Pete’s tonight, a house party in Leeds the night before) and assembling/dismantling their gear without roadie assistance.

The fact that they’re a twosome, have death in their name and play fast, loud thrash-punk has drawn inevitable comparisons to Death From Above 1979 (comparisons the band are more than happy with), but tonight’s show demonstrates once again that this DIY aspect is what separates them from their slightly more polished Canadian counterparts. The noise is raw and ragged, the atmosphere is intense, and while the response from the audience is a tad on the reserved side (this is an Edinburgh gig after all), there will no doubt be a handful of people waking up the following day with sore necks from headbanging, ringing in their ears and smiles on their faces.

DZ - Teeth

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