Junior Melting Pot proves kids can be funny

Junior Melting Pot proves kids can be funny too

The show features young performers with both established and original material

Perhaps it’s been a side effect of the old showbusiness adage about not working with children or animals, but when you see kids in comedy sketch shows, we are usually asked to laugh at youngsters saying things that adults might say (more often than not while kitted out in grown-up clothing). John Glancy and the Lyceum Youth Theatre he produces were having none of that when it came to getting material together for their one-off Junior Melting Pot at The Stand.

‘My bugbear is young people performing as old people,’ notes Glancy who is helping the LYT group of 16 to 18-year-olds create their own sketches as well as dipping into The Stand’s established Melting Pot of ideas. ‘These people have their own stories to tell and are funny in their own right. They have their own sophisticated humour in the way that adults do, but they can stand back a little from the real world and spot the absurdities better than adults because we’re too busy living in it.’

Although the group is performing on a Sunday afternoon in front of one of the most knowledgeable and fair comedy crowds in the UK, it’s still a comedy club setting which none of these actors would have experienced before. Glancy has no fears for them. ‘I’m always taken aback by just how sophisticated the humour of young people is these days. Whereas before, you needed to have an extensive CD or DVD collection to know about all these American stand-ups, now you just have to type a name into the internet. Their influences really staggered me and they are very on the ball. Although there’s a general level of where the content can go, we’ve given them a little bit of leeway to go and tell stories their own way.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 3 Jun.

Junior Melting Pot

Budding comedy writers from the past eight years hand over their material to a young bunch of thesps from the Lyceum Youth Theatre who'll bring sketches and skits to life on stage.

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