5 things you might not know about Jeremy Hardy

5 things you might not know about Jeremy Hardy

The Perrier award winner is antagonistic towards the far right

1 Hampshire lad Hardy got into the stand-up game in the early 80s and scooped the Perrier in 1988 beating off competition from fellow nominees such as Doug Anthony Allstars and Robert Llewellyn.

2 His radio show Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation was highly acclaimed and often pretty controversial. The programme’s notoriety reached a zenith in 2004 when he suggested that supporters and members of far-right parties should be ‘shot in the head’. The comment led to a gig he was due to perform in Burnley being cancelled.

3 Hardy wrote a column for The Guardian for yonks, until they had a falling out. Word has it that the powers-what-be decided that he wasn’t being funny enough, having requested five proper gags per column. Hardy reckoned that providing humour wasn’t the problem, just that he had gone all ‘angry, belligerent and nasty’.

4 His favourite TV show of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Could be he has a thing about bloodsuckers as in 2003 he was reported to be working on a script about members of the undead with animator Mike Booth.

5 Hardy appeared in Blackadder Goes Fourth as a member of a firing squad and had an uncredited role as a shop assistant in Neil Jordan’s Mona Lisa.

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 29 & Wed 30 May.

Jeremy Hardy - Stand up against racism - Newcastle (some bad language)

Jeremy Hardy

Mr Hardy is a stalwart of BBC Radio 4 comedy including The News Quiz and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. Now's your chance to see Jeremy out on his own, peddling his intelligent satire and gentle musings across the country.

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