Electro DJ Jimmy Edgar

Electro DJ Jimmy Edgar

photo: Bethany Shorb/Cyberoptix

Detroit DJ Edgar shares the concept behind fourth album, Majenta

Celebrating his recently released fourth album, Jimmy Edgar’s forthcoming Berkeley Suite show is the finale of Palace Promotions’ recent programme of club events aimed at representing the city’s ‘present and future musical character’. In contrast to the five-year gestation period of its 2010 predecessor, XXX, Majenta marks a relatively quick return for the Detroit-born, Berlin-based producer.

‘I spent a lot less time thinking about this album,’ Edgar explains. ‘It was more spontaneous and raw; things felt a lot freer this time round.’ The result is a collection drawing on 80s electro, pop, UK garage and 90s house, though it is his discovery of meditation in the past two years that has had the greatest impact on Majenta. ‘I tried self-hypnosis to help inspire me when I was struggling creatively but found that meditation was the best way to achieve this; not only that, it’s taken me on a crazy journey that’s changed my entire reality leading to some really strange pseudo-spiritual awakenings; basically, that’s what the whole album is about’.

Its title is also significant, referring to his vision of a newly found colour. ‘I first saw it looking up into the sky, then I’d see it everywhere,’ he says. ‘A mixture of pink, white and black vibrating really fast; eventually, I decided that it was a new, ultraviolet shade, which I’ve called majenta.’

Edgar’s fascination with colour also stems from his synesthetic-like connection between it and the music he makes, and it is this which has helped to shape the form of his LED-driven Majenta live show. ‘When I play chords, I see specific colours in my mind so LED is something I’ve always wanted to use, lights and colour synchronised with the music is how I visualised it playing it live in my head’.

The Berkeley Suite, Glasgow, Fri 8 Jun.

Jimmy Edgar

Detroit electronica musician brings his Majenta live show to Scotland. Plus Dam Mantle, Machinedrum and HARA.

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