Miaoux Miaoux UK dates ahead of album Light of the North

Miaoux Miaoux UK dates ahead of album Light of the North

Glasgow-based electronic musician also has live band set

Julian Corrie sighs when you mention a certain fashionable designer drug that people used to swear was ‘plant food’. Come on, counters The List, don’t tell us the name isn’t a reference to mephedrone. ‘Not at all,’ he says, aghast. ‘This project started in 2006, and I just wanted a name that was deliberately nonsensical and stupid, that didn’t mean anything.’ The inspiration, he says, came from a small girl repeating the word ‘meow’ to her mother over and over again on a train journey, which is a much more innocent tale.

You could quite feasibly imagine getting off your face and dancing all night to Corrie’s music, though. The sound of Miaoux Miaoux is a gorgeous, soulful collision of 80s synth-pop tropes with snippets of crunching dubstep bass and otherworldly glitching vocals layered throughout. He expresses satisfaction that his live band set (he also has a solo show that’s ‘more like a DJ set’) uses no laptops, instead relying on the talents of drummer Paul Carlin, ex of Dananananaykroyd, Mitchell Museum’s bassist Chris Ferguson, Anna Miles of Corrie’s old band Maple Leaves and rapper Profissee.

Corrie, who was born in Nottingham and now works in BBC Scotland’s sound department, seems to prefer having a live band who play his music rather than being in a band himself. ‘I’ve always thought of myself more as an electronic musician,’ he says, ‘it excites me more than guitar music. And also, I admit I’m a control freak. I just like being fully in charge of my own creative decisions.’

The album Light of the North is out on Chemikal Underground on Mon 11 Jun.

Miaoux Miaoux

Lovely bleepy electronica from Glasgow artist Miaoux Miaoux, aka Justin Corrie.

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