Lil B - Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, Sun 6 May (4 stars)

22-year-old Berkeley rapper describes himself as ‘an art history project’

Lil B - Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, Sun 6 May

It must be the Californian in him, but the BASEDGOD, despite his lyrics about eating white booty, his VIP lifestyle, and his resemblance to Jesus/Michael Jordan/Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton, is basically a hippie. Top off, shades on, tiny muscled torso covered in tattoos, the 22-year-old Berkeley boy stops his swag-talk and rhyme-spitting for a second to define exactly what being ‘based’ means. ‘It’s about being positive, positive thoughts,’ he glows. ‘I got luh for y’all,’ he gushes, before giving loving shout-outs to our parents, our loved ones, and to be on the safe side, ‘all the babies that ain’t even been born in Scotland yet’.

Audience-love aside (he does an hour of phone photos and boob signing afterwards), his rapping leans as heavily on the irony as it does on the ridiculously good beats. (‘Ladies, I want you to feel this sub-bass in your soul,’ he deadpans.) He’s a true joy to watch, and the crowd is already near-euphoric when he comes on stage to ‘Ellen Degeneres’. By ‘Wonton Soup’ they’re in a frenzy, with a lone wooden spoon waved in the crowd in appreciation. He’s described himself before as ‘an art history project’, and it definitely felt like history was being made.

Lil B was part of the launch weekend of Palace, a one-month programme of electronic and hip hop events, including Holy Other, Laurel Halo and others on Thu 31 May, and Jimmy Edgar on Fri 8 Jun.

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