Lil B - Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, Sun 6 May (4 stars)

Lil B - Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow, Sun 6 May

22-year-old Berkeley rapper describes himself as ‘an art history project’

It must be the Californian in him, but the BASEDGOD, despite his lyrics about eating white booty, his VIP lifestyle, and his resemblance to Jesus/Michael Jordan/Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton, is basically a hippie. Top off, shades on, tiny muscled torso covered in tattoos, the 22-year-old Berkeley boy stops his swag-talk and rhyme-spitting for a second to define exactly what being ‘based’ means. ‘It’s about being positive, positive thoughts,’ he glows. ‘I got luh for y’all,’ he gushes, before giving loving shout-outs to our parents, our loved ones, and to be on the safe side, ‘all the babies that ain’t even been born in Scotland yet’.

Audience-love aside (he does an hour of phone photos and boob signing afterwards), his rapping leans as heavily on the irony as it does on the ridiculously good beats. (‘Ladies, I want you to feel this sub-bass in your soul,’ he deadpans.) He’s a true joy to watch, and the crowd is already near-euphoric when he comes on stage to ‘Ellen Degeneres’. By ‘Wonton Soup’ they’re in a frenzy, with a lone wooden spoon waved in the crowd in appreciation. He’s described himself before as ‘an art history project’, and it definitely felt like history was being made.

Lil B was part of the launch weekend of Palace, a one-month programme of electronic and hip hop events, including Holy Other, Laurel Halo and others on Thu 31 May, and Jimmy Edgar on Fri 8 Jun.

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