Com Truise set for UK tour

Com Truise set for UK tour

Photo: Charles Bergquist

Live interpretations of Galaxy Melt album with synth and drums

Okay, so imagine if Blade Runner was not set in a dark, dystopian, fetid, sweaty, neon shoe-box version of LA and instead was transposed to a glaring and perma-tanned Miami of the future, drowning in UV rays, Day-Glo colours; a city as one giant luminous melanoma. Instead of Deckard trudging about in buttoned-up shirts and a macintosh, he cruises around in a top-down Cadillac escalade looking like the man from Del Monte guesting on CSI. And instead of Vangelis on the synths you would have Com Truise. The movie might be unpalatable but the soundtrack would not.

Seth Haley, in his moreish synthjammer role as Com Truise most recently heard on the Galactic Melt LP for Ghostly International last year, neatly encapsulates what we both love and loathe about the future, the possibilities that are both real and imagined, the bright, brash, shrink-wrapped hopes; tangible, audible but synthetic and unreal. He is the soundtrack to the uncanny valley – we feel almost unnerved by the poppy oscillations, arpeggios, glistening funk and 32-bit Deep Blue-eyed soul. They are inorganic, fabricated, not human, but it’s impossible to not fall under their spell. Haley’s tunes are like replicants and although we know their appearance is only synth deep, they have a rich, melodious, texture and a shimmering allure, not perfect but doing a pretty close impression.

The mask slips live, and the human side emerges. Haley is a cheery, shaven-headed, Buddha-shaped Korg-tweaker. He performs with a drummer and it’s not the spectacle one would hope, nor, to be fair, expect. But the tunes still stand alone, each with that almost eerie assuredness, offering a glimpse of a flawless future that will never be realised.

Com Truise - Galactic Melt

Com Truise

Slow wave funk on synths and drums from this Ghostly International signing.

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