Peter Zummo - Zummo with an X (4 stars)

Peter Zummo - Zummo with an X

Minimalist experimental reissue from the regular Arthur Russell collaborator

An excellent reissue of the out-of-print debut from Peter Zummo dating back to 1981, a long time session musician and collaborator of Arthur Russell’s – who also lends his distinctive cello and baritone stylings throughout. With its feet firmly set in the minimalist, downtown scene of early 80s New York, opening with syncopated and choppy trombone bursts being lead along via despondent strings, there’s an awful lot going on in this record despite it barren nature at first.

It may be a little too stripped down for Russell acolytes to bite their teeth firmly into initially, but the tabla, horns and vocal hums on the twenty minutes of ‘Song IV’ delve into some really idyllic realms akin to Russell’s World of Echo, adding a wonderful discordance between the two halves. A worthy unearthing of a forgotten, post-minimalist pearl.

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